Make your Second Income your First

Learn proven trading strategies to increase your earnings.


Make your Second Income your First

Learn using proven trading strategies to increase your earnings.


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Improve long-term profits

Effective techniques that have withstood the test of time to grow your stock portfolio.

Choose Stocks

Markets. Selection Criteria. Filters. Order Creation.

Make Profits

Exit Strategies. Case Studies. Optimization.

Reduce Risks

Risk Identification. Reduction Measures. Trading Psychology.

Tools that simply work

Every trader has his own favorite tools to get things done. Some can cost thousands of Dollars per year, while others are completely free. 

I will introduce you to the tools I use to get the best returns at the lowest cost. Because reducing fees matters.

A solid process from start to finish

1. Strategy

Step 1 is to decide upon your trading strategy based on your financial goals, your lifestyle, and your available time.

2. System

Step 2 is to build a trading system that fits your strategy. Once done, all you need to do is to follow its lead.

3. Optimization

Step 3 is about monitoring trading performance and adjusting your system to changing market climates. 

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See the Possibilities

There are many ways to invest your money.

Not all of them are right for everyone. The important thing is to get started as early as possible.

I have reviewed and investigated different investment types to help you make a decision.

Education, for free

Start with our Stock Trading 101 course if you already decided that you are interested in investing in stocks.

I will show you how to build your own trading system and how to avoid the common pitfalls of novice investors.

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A comprehensive overview of how things work in the stock markets.

Trading a stock in 7 steps, shown as infographic.

Regular updates on what’s happening on the markets.


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